Our Company

NDB, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based nanotechnology company established to develop and manufacture semiconductors, energy, and battery solutions.

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“NDB imagines things that others don’t. We believe in our abilities and products while developing solutions that are unmatched in the market.”

Dr. Nima Golsharifi, CEO & founder

Our Responsibilites

As an energy company, NDB is aware of its responsibilities. This applies to our policies, relationships with suppliers, and effect on society in general.


We constantly adapt our innovations and technology according to the market’s needs. Therefore, we aim towards providing energy to all sorts of devices and mechanisms.


We continuously monitor the markets with our deep domain expertise to reduce the technical risks. When required, we employ new business models to improve and succeed when new innovative technologies are needed.


We ensure that the products we launch and the services we provide generate revenue or exceptional benefit over their lifecycle for all our customers and stakeholders involved in the process.


We develop and manufacture highly innovative clean and green energy solutions for the future by recycling thousands of tonnes worth of nuclear wastes globally.


NDB is aware that we are stronger together, and we rise by lifting each other. Therefore, NDB always takes society into account in every decision taken.

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Our Values

As a next-generation energy company, our goal is to contribute effectively to a better tomorrow with our success for innovation which allows us to create unmatched energy solutions.


Technology leadership




Teamwork & Collaboration



Our Vision

To power a sustainable future

NDB’s primary goal is to give an energy solution that will be sustainable and damage-free for the environment.

To create a reliable alternative energy source.

NDB is always looking for alternatives to create green, clean and lifelong energy.

To provide cost effectiveness and accessibility.

The battery industry is always looking for efficient and cost-effective alternatives. NDB has accepted this challenge and is working towards improving this field.

To repurpose the hazardous waste for a greener alternative.

NDB cares about the environment and wants to help the world understand the importance of disposing of waste, as it threatens future generations’ wellbeing.

We research, invent, and develop technologies to provide greater access to a cleaner and greener world.

Our Team

This commitment to diversity makes the work environment more engaging, respectful and welcoming.

NDB has a strong multidisciplinary team that gathers expertise from all different disciplines.

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Research, invent, develop and analyze every step of the way.

team member

Ng 01

Dr. Nima Golsharifi

Chief Executive Officer

team member

Mp 11

Prof. Sir. Michael Pepper

Chief Technology Officer

team member

Gg 02

Giorgi Gogokhia

Chief Operating Officer

team member

Tn 125

Dr. Toktam Nezakati

Chief Business Officer

team member

Sj 102

Stina Jiang

Chief Design Officer

team member

Vk 170

Viktor Kasenko

Software Technology Officer

team member

Js 18

Jeffrey Sirr

Strategy Advisor

team member

Sn 50

Scott Nelson

Product Advisor

team member

Gs 104

Guga Stocco

Blockchain Advisor

team member

Dp 177

Denis Palamarchuk

Senior Blockchain Developer

team member

Es 111

Eeshu Raaj Saasthaa

Nuclear Physicist

team member

Ts 179

Tony Sadaka

Mechanical Engineer

team member

Mb 108

Mohamed Barakat

Nuclear and Radiation Engineer

team member

Cp 169

Chiranjeevi K Palanisamy

Material Scientist

team member

Ms 159

Maddalena Salterini

Finance & Accounting Assistant

team member

Fs 167

Fariza Seilkanova

Social Media Manager

team member

St 112

Silvia Tricarico

Product Designer

team member

Al 115

Anastasiia Lisniak

UX/UI Designer

team member

Fc 183

Francisco Cuellar

UX/UI Designer

team member

Ht 180

Hang Luyen Thi

Blockchain Developer

team member

Ms 178

Maksim Smirnov

Backend Developer

team member

Am 174

Andrei Markov

Backend Developer

team member

Ss 172

Sneha Shukla

Backend Developer

team member

Ps 175

Pavel Semyonov

Frontend Developer

team member

Me 165

Mohammad Eskini

Frontend Developer

team member

Vs 173

Vitalyi Sapronov

Frontend Developer

team member

Am 118

Alaa Nazem Mashkouk

Mobile Developer

team member

Fs 155

Filiz Şentürk

Mobile Developer

team member

Ag 145

Arseniy Gleykh

Corporate Compliance

team member

Tu 144

Tina Ušaj

Compliance Assistant

team member

Gk 168

Gokce Karadan

Compliance Assistant

team member

Ak 181


Marketing Assistant

team member

Mr 182

Maria Revuelta

Executive Assistant

team member

Bl 176

Beatriz Lopes

Personal Assistant

team member

Aa 171

Aigerim Askarova

Project manager assistant

team member

Jt 24

Prof. John Shawe-Taylor


team member

Aa 35

Abdulaziz Almutairi


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